Allantoin in the snail slime ideal for scars

Scars: how they are formed and how to treat them The scars can be present on the body for the most different reasons, but all have a common element: these are the result of an epidermal and cutaneous trauma, even if not indifferent. Our body is made to regenerate when it is injured, but this causes the thickened part to concentrate on thickening the skin due to the concentration of platelets and natural healing agents. Hence the anti-aesthetic effect of Read More

Prevent wrinkles with snail slime

Snail slime: the perfect anti-wrinkle Today the world of cosmetics offers us different products to fight and prevent wrinkles and the signs of passing time, but if we look for something really effective, we find it in the MyAnisha ™ snail slime cream. What is and how the snail secretion acts This particular substance, commonly called “burr”, is obtained from a specific type of snail, the Helix aspersa Muller, which MyAnisha ™ extracts in a natural and totally painless way Read More

Solar Erythema: natural remedies with aloe vera and snail slime

How to treat sunburn with the cream based on Snail Slime and Aloe MyAnisha ™ The summer is definitely the best time to recharge the batteries and enjoy a moment of relaxation after a long period of work and stress, also due to the lack of the beautiful days that winter brings with it. For the desire for relaxation, you are exposed to the sun without any protection for the skin, without the use of protections, risking to cause the Read More

The Snail Cream for stretch marks

Stretch marks: how to treat them with snail slime Stretch marks are a real aesthetic problem, both for women and for men who suffer from them. MyAnisha ™ offers a snail slime cream for the body not only to relieve white stretch marks, but also to treat red, more visible and deep stretch marks. Stretch marks: how they are formed and how to take care of them Before treating stretch marks, taking care of them, we must understand why they Read More