The snail slime for Acne, natural remedy

What is juvenile acne? Acne is a kind of disease that affects about 80% of young people between the ages of ten and twenty; it is specifically an inflammatory affection of the sebaceous pyle glands which occur above all on the face and on the body. We can distinguish different types of acne: mild acne where there are simply few black spots on the face and nose; severe comedone acne where the entire face and back is covered by blackheads; Read More

The snail slime mask and its benefits

It’s one step ahead for your skin care Taking care of our skin is very important, especially when talking about the face. We know that the face is not only the area where our sensory organs reside that allow us to approach the world and discover it, but with it we do the most beautiful and natural thing: to communicate. Language is that ability that allows us to relate to others, starting from the closest relatives, to reach people completely Read More

Hyaluronic acid, we discover the benefits and contraindications

Hyaluronic acid, properties and effects for our skin Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of the connective tissues of the human body. It confers to the skin turgidity and the maintenance of the form; it is for this reason that, with old age and therefore with the lower production of this substance, that the skin knows the signs of passing time such as wrinkles and loss of tone. In fact, it is this particular type of acid if Read More

Aloe Vera, benefits and contraindications

A plant with great benefits for the world of cosmetics Aloe vera is a plant of the Aloeaceae family, which prefers warm, dry climates with high benefits. Widespread in Africa and Latin America, aloe vera appears as a perennial fleshy plant that can reach up to one meter in height and its leaves are arranged in tufts and host lateral thorns, from which a rich gelatinous substance is obtained. of beneficial properties, both in the medical and cosmetic fields. Let’s Read More

Coenzyme Q10 or also called Ubiquinone and its properties

Coenzyme -Q10 not only in cosmetics Ubiquinone, better known as Coenzyme Q10, is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in almost every cell in the body; its main function is to convert ingested food into energy and store it, so that it is ready for use when the body needs it. It is produced naturally by the body, but its concentration as its production is less with aging, as well as in cases of malnutrition or certain degenerative diseases. Coenzyme Q10 Read More

Snail Slime, natural remedy for psoriasis

What is psoriasis and how it manifests itself Among the many dermatological diseases, we find psoriasis, which affects 3 percent of the population. This is not an infectious or contagious disease, but a chronic form of inflammation of the skin, which presents an excessive desquamation of the skin. The skin normally has a natural cell turnover but in normal cases, the state of desquamation will not be perceptible, while in the presence of psoriasis this phenomenon will be very evident Read More

Lumaca su Foglie verdi con le sue proprietà

The Properties of Snail Slime

The snail slime, the natural anti-age secret Following numerous studies and in-depth investigations, it has been revealed that mucilysaccharides contained in Helix aspersa snail secretion allow a good and evident regeneration of tissues, in different cases of deterioration or damage to the skin, such as wounds or abrasions as well as ensuring an important anti-aging effect. What are the properties of the Snail Slime? After several researches, it emerges that the small snails are small animals with numerous effective properties Read More