Eye Contour Cream Snail Secretion

The MyAnisha ™ Eye Contour combined with the face cream will take care of you and those areas most likely to show signs of passing years.

Suitable for all skin types, the MyAnisha ™ Eye Contour will act on expression wrinkles and on what are commonly referred to as “crow’s feet”, giving a new youth and elasticity to your face, while this is thoroughly rehydrated.
The action of the Eye Contour Anisha is so effective thanks to the ingredients of which it is composed, such as:

  • Estratto di Helix asperga muller: extracted completely naturally and is not harmful to molluscs, this extract is what makes this eye contour unique and effective. It is known and appreciated for its properties, this extract is rich in mucopolysaccharides that give the skin elasticity while it is nourished and exfoliated. Moreover, the extract also has an antibiotic and antiviral effect that makes it possible to use it not only in the cosmetic field, but also in the dermatological field.
  • Acido Ialuronico: hyaluronic acid, already present in the skin, is an excellent moisturizer that gives new turgidity to the tissues because its micro-particles can penetrate into the dermis.
  • Coenzima Q10: it has an antioxidant and anti-age action as it counteracts the effect of free radicals; moreover it has the ability to regenerate vitamin E just like vitamin C.

Aloe Vera: thanks to its bacteriostatic, cicatrizing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, this plant is very appreciated and well known not only in the field of cosmetics, but also in the dermatological field and all thanks to the synergy of the natural components of which it is composed

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