Acne Solution Gel with Snail Extract 200ml

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MYAnisha™ snail extract Acne Face Gel is the perfect ally of young people and all teenagers who suffer from this annoying problem.
Recommended for all those with oily skin, the Face Gel will thoroughly cleanse your skin gently, nourishing, purifying it and making it deeply hydrated; it will restore elasticity to the tissues while it will counteract all the imperfections associated with this problem, such as redness, scars, spots and enlarged pores. These 200 ml of product are contained in a particular bottle called airless, hygienic and that allows to withdraw a sufficient quantity of the product to be used.

Cosmetic Action

Struccante delicato per la pulizia del viso, purificante e idratante, indicato per chi ha una pelle grassa e soprattutto per tutti quei giovani che soffrono di acne. Oltre alla sua funzione pulente, garantisce una pelle morbida e delicata che grazie alla sua particolare formulazione non necessita di essere rimosso con latte e tonico, e prepara la cute all’utilizzo di una crema idratante, pertanto la cosa straordinaria di questo prodotto è che può sostituire tre prodotti: struccante, latte detergente e tonico.

Modalità d’uso

Pour a small amount of the product on a cotton pad or cotton pad. Without rubbing, delicate and circular movements should be performed from the center of the face to the outside, up to the neck to remove the makeup. This facial cleansing should be performed at least twice a day: in the morning to remove dead cells and the sebum that has settled on the skin during the night and in the evening before going to sleep to remove any residual impurities and make-up. After this step, moisturize your face with our MyAnisha ™ moisturizer..

Snail Extract Production

MyAnisha snail extract is produced in Italy, in a unique and uncontaminated environment, precisely in the Lucano Apennines. The extraction of the secretion, is carried out in a totally natural way and above all without damaging the snails that will be introduced immediately in the breeding without suffering damage or stress.
All of our products bear the “Cruelty-free” mark which means that the product has not been tested on animals.

The whole MyAnisha ™ line is free of: parabens, petrolatum, silicones, formaldehyde and its derivatives
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