Strengthening and stimulating shampoo with snail slime


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MyAnisha ™ snail extract shampoo is a product suitable for every type of hair: normal, greasy, dry and treated.

The innovative formula with which MyAnisha ™ makes its hair products has the function of deeply reinforcing the hair structure, moisturizing and giving nourishment from the roots to the ends.

MyAnisha shampoo has a pleasant and neutral fragrance, so it is suitable for both men and women. It can be used for every hair wash thanks to its delicate formula, as it does not contain aggressive substances for the skin and the hair, therefore suitable for frequent washing.

Immediately after the first wash, it is possible to check the effectiveness of the shampoo; the hair will be immediately clean and soft.

Cosmetic Action Shampoo with Snail Slime

The strengthening and stimulating shampoo for hair MyAnisha ™, is ideal for fragile hair, in addition to containing the prodigious snamucin, it contains significant active ingredients that go to strengthen the action of snail gel. The new formula is indeed enriched with:

    • 11 Amino acids that allow deep nourishment of the skin and hair (including Arginine);
    • Tricorexina, which strengthens the entire structure of the hair;
    • Caffeine, which, by stimulating the circulation of the skin, allows the natural regrowth of hair, which will be regenerated, stronger and healthier; it is a valid aid against the fall;
    • Aloe Vera, which gives a deep hydration for softer hair and “silk effect”.

Mode of use

Distribute the product evenly over the entire skin and along the entire length of the hair and massage until the hair is completely clean. It is advisable to keep it in place for a few minutes before rinsing.

If the hair needs to regain proper hydration and nourishment, once the hair has been properly cleaned, the application of the MyAnisha ™ hair mask is highly recommended, for complete and effective hair care.

The package includes 300 ml of product. Furthermore, the MyAnisha Hair Shampoo is free of SLS, SLES, PEG, dyes, silicones, parabens and petrolatums.