Tanning Accelerator Monoi De Tahiti Oil Spray

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Face body lotion spray for tanning MyAnisha ™ is used to speed up the tanning process and to maintain it longer. The best choice for those who decide to prepare the skin for a homogeneous and golden tan before sun exposure, therefore to be used from the beginning of the summer season, in order to awaken the melanin and accelerate the tanning action of the skin.
100 ml of product are contained in a spray bottle, a hygienic and functional solution in use as it avoids unnecessary product waste. If used on the beach, you should avoid dirtying the solution with sand or soil.

Cosmetic Action

The Sun Line Ultra Tanning line by MyAnisha ™ is a hydrolite lotion for the face and body that accelerates and intensifies the tan leaving the skin fresh and hydrated. It prolongs the duration of pigmentation and at the same time accelerates the development of melanin that deals with the coloring of the skin. Product with low sun protection.
MyAnisha ™ strongly recommends it to those who have dry and dehydrated skin and to anyone who wants to speed up the tanning process, always respecting the rules of a prudent exposure to sunlight.
The solar line, thanks to its principles, gives a pleasant and delicate fragrance suitable for both women and men.
The Sun Line tanning line from MyAnisha ™ is based on Tahitian Monoi Oil that is born from a particular formulation, that is the union between Tiare flowers and Coconut oil, and it is this combination that guarantees nourishment, protection and a pleasant feeling of well-being and softness of the skin itself, as well as a uniform complexion.
The active tanning water of MyAnisha ™ is light and gives a feeling of freshness over the whole body.
The tanning accelerator is enriched with nourishing principles such as coconut oil, Tiarè flower extract which together form the extraordinary Tahiti Monoi Oil with a nourishing, protective and emollient action.
Furthermore MyAnisha ™ enriches its tanning with Vitamin B12, responsible for the growth and repair of tissues such as skin.

Mode of use

Spray repeatedly on the parts of the body and face keeping the eyes tightly closed.
Remember not to expose yourself to the sun too long and during the hottest hours.
Make sure to keep the spray bottle upright and spray the product evenly on each part of the body, using your palms to effectively distribute the protection over the entire body surface.
Be careful not to spray the product in the eyes, if it should happen rinse with plenty of water to avoid unpleasant irritation.