Snail slime for Acne-Prone Skin

The Acne Face Gel based on MyAnisha ™ snail slime is the perfect ally of young people and all teenagers who suffer from this annoying problem. Recommended for all those with oily skin, the Face Gel will thoroughly cleanse your skin gently, nourishing, purifying it and making it deeply hydrated; it will restore elasticity to the tissues while it will counteract all the imperfections associated with this problem, such as redness, scars, spots and enlarged pores. Unlike other products, this gel does not need to be removed as it prepares the face to be treated with a hydrating cream, thus disappearing from your bathroom every type of cleansing and tonic milk. Furthermore, it can be used as a make-up remover.

The active ingredient of this Face Gel is definitely the extract of Helix aspersa muller, the small mollusc from which this “slime” is obtained; it is rich in mucopolysaccharides essential elements to make the skin smooth and hydrated and facilitate exfoliating and purifying actions.

In addition to this extract, the Face Gel is composed of other important ingredients, such as

  • Coenzima Q10: it protects cells from attacks by free radicals, exerting an antioxidant action. It has the ability to regenerate vitamin E, protecting the skin from premature aging.
  • Aloe vera: this plant is rich in sugars, mineral salts, organic acids and phospholipids that allow it to have beneficial properties such as moisturizing, healing, detoxifying and bacteriostatic.
  • Acido Ialuronico: it is one of the main components of connective tissue, and for this reason it is used as a skin moisturizer. Stretched on the skin, hyaluronic acid not only hydrates it deeply, but makes it more elastic and gives new turgidity to the tissues.

Bava di chiocciola per pelli acneiche

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