The Snail Cream for stretch marks

The Snail Cream for stretch marks

Stretch marks: how to treat them with snail slime

Stretch marks are a real aesthetic problem, both for women and for men who suffer from them.
MyAnisha ™ offers a snail slime cream for the body not only to relieve white stretch marks, but also to treat red, more visible and deep stretch marks.

Stretch marks: how they are formed and how to take care of them

Before treating stretch marks, taking care of them, we must understand why they are formed: this will not only help us to identify which wrong behavior we are adopting, allowing us to correct it, but will suggest what is the right way to best cure this annoying and anti-aesthetic problem.
The stretch marks are real scars of the skin, due to the rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis and appear in the form of striations that may be white or red-violet.
The reasons why stretch marks are formed can be the most varied, such as:

  • Excessive increase or loss of weight.
  • Repeated muscle gains.

This latter case occurs more in men than in women, and is generally due to a more intense physical training, with the increase and decrease of the muscles.

MyAnisha ™ cream: how to use it against stretch marks

Our body contrasts and already fights stretch marks alone, but using the ideal cream to fight MyAnisha ™ stretch marks this process can certainly be accelerated.
The answer to the question is simple: the MyAnisha ™ cream, with the presence of Collagen naturally contained in the snail secretion, increases the elasticity of the skin; this means that not only the existing stretch marks are treated, but also prevents the formation of new stretch marks.
Collagen is also joined by the action of Allantoin that promotes the natural production of Elastin, which gives plasticity to the dermis.
The action of MyAnisha ™ cream, finally, is enriched by Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid, molecules already present in your body, which together with Aloe Vera action will give new skin brightness and tone thanks to a deep action and targeted given by a hydration that penetrates deeply into the dermis and that will allow you to fight even the most tenacious and obvious stretch marks.