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diventa tester prodotti cosmeticiWrite us directly from the contact form by entering the object “Become Tester”, tell us who you are and why you would become a tester, and you can receive at home one or more MyAnisha ™ products for free.

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Many of our products are Dermatologically Tested, so the tester is not a laboratory test, but a use of the product in order to get a review of the state of approval of its use.

Diventa Tester MyAnisha™ Ora

From the many researches done, it turns out that the small snails are small animals with numerous effective properties for our skin, useful both from a cosmetic and preventive point of view.
From a thorough physical-chemical analysis, the pure snail serum contains a mixture of substances that together meet all the metabolic needs of the epidermis. It is in fact a rich mixture containing mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, glycolic acid, peptides, collagen, elastin, proteinevitamine A-C-E and different categories of minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron. Discover the properties of snail slime by testing our products.