The face mask

The MyAnisha ™ Face Mask will make you fall in love thanks to the beneficial action it will have on your face.
This mask was designed to give protection to the face from all the external agents to which you are subjected every day, such as citizen smog, the MyAnisha ™ face mask will prove to be a perfect ally to be used together with the MyAnisha ™ face cream to ensure elasticity, shine and a second youth to your skin.
Easy to use, requires only 15-20 minutes of laying, and to be repeated only twice a week, this face mask, like other MyAnisha ™ products, is based on Helix aspersa muller extract. This substance obtained from this small mollusc is rich in mucopolysaccharides and other bioactive components such as elastin, vitamins, proteins, collagen that guarantee wellness and hydration to the skin.

In addition, within the MyAnisha ™ face mask you find:

  • Acido Ialuronico: it is a substance already present in the skin, and is an excellent moisturizer. Its micro-particles can penetrate the dermis, giving new turgidity to the face.
  • Coenzima Q10: it counteracts the effect of the radicals freeing up an antioxidant and anti-age action. It can regenerate vitamin E just like vitamin C.
  • Aloe Vera: this plant is very appreciated and well known not only in the field of cosmetics but also in the field of dermatology for its bacteriostatic, cicatrizing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties

MAschera viso ala bava di chiocciola

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