Fortifying strengthening lotion with snail gel



The Snail extract hair lotion of the Hair Care MyAnisha ™ line is ideal for fragile hair because its function is precisely to regenerate and make hair stronger, from the roots to the ends, also acting on the skin.
The lotion, with its convenient spray dispenser, will be an ideal ally in preventing hair loss, also allowing easy combing of the hair during drying.

Snail hair cosmetic lotion

To prevent hair loss, we recommend a deep massage with the fingertips over the entire skin, giving the product the ability to act on the deep tissues.
In fact, thanks to the presence of an activating principle such as Caffeine, the lotion, during the massage has the ability to activate the microcirculation of the skin benefiting both to the normal regrowth of the hair and preventing any excessive fall.

Fortifying and regenerating lotion, ideal for fragile hair, as well as containing the prodigious secretion of Snail, it contains significant active ingredients that reinforce the action of snail slime. The new formula is indeed enriched with:

    • 11 Amino acids that allow deep nourishment of the skin and hair (including Arginine);
    • Tricorexina, which strengthens the entire structure of the hair;
    • Caffeine, which, by stimulating the circulation of the skin, allows the natural regrowth of hair, which will be regenerated, stronger and healthier; it is a valid aid against the fall;
    • Aloe Vera, which gives a deep hydration for softer hair and “silk effect”.

Mode of use

Apply the lotion from a distance of 10/15 cm to the still damp hair, after shampooing and the mask.
Once the lotion is applied, it should not be rinsed. The use of the MyAnisha ™ lotion ensures fast and extra easy combing.

The package includes 100 ml of product. Furthermore MyAnisha Hair Lotion is free of SLS, SLES, PEG, dyes, silicones, parabens and petrolatums.