Untangling anti-frizz hair mask with snail extract



The MyAnisha ™ snail secretion hair mask is the perfect solution to keep both healthy and normal hair healthy, and to deeply nourish and restructure all types of oily, treated and damaged hair. MyAnisha ™ always tries to make its products unique, with new formulas, guaranteeing results that make the difference.

Snail Gel Hair Mask

Its function is also to untangle the hair and create a barrier against humidity to finally say goodbye to frizzy hair: the result will be a perfect smoothness.
Not recommended for those who have curly hair and want to make it bulky, because the MyAnisha ™ mask has been designed with a new formula to make the hair soft, giving the touch and visibly an extraordinary silk effect from the first application, therefore not suitable to maintain an important hair volume.

The Mask | Detangling and anti-frizz balm MyAnisha ™, ideal for fragile hair, in addition to containing the prodigious Burr of Snail, contains significant active ingredients that go to strengthen the action of snail slime. The new formula is indeed enriched with:

• 11 Amino acids that allow deep nourishment of the skin and hair (including Arginine);
• Tricorexina, which strengthens the entire structure of the hair;
• Caffeine, which, by stimulating the circulation of the skin, allows the natural regrowth of hair, which will be regenerated, stronger and healthier; it is a valid aid against the fall;
• Aloe Vera, which gives a deep hydration for softer hair and “silk effect”.

Mode of use

We recommend using the mask after each shampoo in case of treated and particularly damaged or dry hair; in any case it is advisable to use the restructuring mask at least once a week, in order to guarantee soft, silky and shiny hair all the time before the next wash. It will be enough to use two mask nuts, to be distributed along the entire length of the hair. Leave on for 5/7 minutes before rinsing.

The package includes 200 ml of product. Furthermore, the MyAnisha Hair Mask is free of SLS, SLES, PEG, dyes, silicones, parabens and petrolatums.