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The Properties of Snail Slime

The Properties of Snail Slime

The snail slime, the natural anti-age secret

Following numerous studies and in-depth investigations, it has been revealed that mucilysaccharides contained in Helix aspersa snail secretion allow a good and evident regeneration of tissues, in different cases of deterioration or damage to the skin, such as wounds or abrasions as well as ensuring an important anti-aging effect.

What are the properties of the Snail Slime?

After several researches, it emerges that the small snails are small animals with numerous effective properties for our skin, useful both from a cosmetic and preventive point of view.
From a thorough physical-chemical analysis, the pure snail extract contains a mixture of substances that together meet all the metabolic needs of the epidermis. It is in fact a rich mixture containing mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, glycolic acid, peptides, collagen, elastin, proteinevitamine A-C-E and different categories of minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of the most important components regarding the slug properties of snails:

  • Mucopolysaccharides, sugary substances that swell in contact with water, forming a gel with natural characteristics that ensures proper hydration of the skin supporting the tissues and thus promoting their protection;
  • Collagen and elastin, proteins that give elasticity and firmness to the skin;
  • Allantoin, renowned for its exceptional soothing and healing qualities; it fights free radicals and stimulates cell renewal and regeneration, increasing the speed of healing of small skin lesions and is also essential to slow down the aging process;
  • Glycolic acid, ensures the removal of dead skin cells of the dermis, allowing an optimal oxygenation of the skin and a more efficient penetration of functional substances;
  • Peptides, play an important role at the cellular level with purifying and regenerating action;
  • Proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, necessary to keep the skin supple, soft, healthy and protect cellular structures from damage by reducing inflammation and loss of hydration;
  • Minerals, the main function soothing, nourishing, plumping, elasticizing and regenerating the skin with anti-aging results and that in combination with glycolic acid, also take a smoothing and lightening action against dark spots, freckles or other unsightly signs that they can appear on the face, hands and body.

The potential cosmetic actions of snail slime

  • Moisturizing action: the secretion, thanks to the presence of mucopolysaccharides is excellent for the hydration of the skin giving it a shiny and healthy appearance;
  • Curative action: the burr stimulates the tissue of regenerative processes thanks to the combined effect of allantoin, collagen and vitamins;
  • Soothing action: snail slime reduces and prevents skin abrasions and redness caused by external natural agents such as heat and cold, a highly soothing property guaranteed by the combination of allantoin and mucopolysaccharides;
  • Purifying action: the presence of peptides and glycolic acid in the snail slime ensures the purifying effect, just for this union, it prevents the accumulation of impurities or their elimination if they are already present. This last combination allows cosmetics based on snail slime to be excellent solutions in the presence of acneic skin;
  • Exfoliating action: thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, the creams or masks based on snail slime allow their application to eliminate the most superficial layer of the skin, gently exfoliating it, and thus eliminating the presence of skin spots and also preventing the the onset of stretch marks on the breasts and on the body in general, even during the period of waiting, smooth wrinkles and acne. Do not underestimate its ability to stimulate the production of elastin, collagen and endogenous hyaluronic acid from fibroblasts, carrying out an indispensable work to restore physiological cutaneous elasticity;
  • Azione rigenerante: la presenza di allantoina garantisce ai cosmetici a base di bava di lumaca, la proprietà rigenerante, di riparare i tessuti, levigare rughe, eliminare segni cutanei come cicatrici, macchie scure, bruciature e segni di invecchiamento, in quanto essa stimola la produzione di elastina e collagene.
  • Nourishing action: the snail extract contains vitamins and essential amino acids, real skin supplements and numerous proteins, which promote the oxygenation and hydration of tissues.

The set of all the components, present in the snail slime, used as an active ingredient in cosmetic creams, go to nourish, protect and regenerate the skin in depth, with the result of more hydrated, soft and bright. Moreover, the elimination of dead cells on the surface due to its peeling effect and the presence of collagen, gives a younger appearance to the face, successfully combating the signs of aging.

Two applications per day will be sufficient to guarantee a smooth, compact, luminous skin and to flatten the wrinkle grooves with a lasting effect over time.


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