The snail slime for Acne, natural remedy

The snail slime for Acne, natural remedy

What is juvenile acne?

Acne is a kind of disease that affects about 80% of young people between the ages of ten and twenty; it is specifically an inflammatory affection of the sebaceous pyle glands which occur above all on the face and on the body.
We can distinguish different types of acne: mild acne where there are simply few black spots on the face and nose; severe comedone acne where the entire face and back is covered by blackheads; populo-comedonic acne with swelling; pustular acne characterized by a diffused inflammation and almost all the papules have turned into pustules or furuncles; Pustoleptic acne characterized not by boils but by cysts and finally we have acne conglobata, a very severe form that affects men between 35-40 years, characterized by lesions that will then lead to scars.
In most cases this inflammation tends to disappear on its own, if this does not happen, it is advisable to treat it to avoid the remaining scars. A natural remedy used to counteract and otherwise alleviate it is the use of snail slime for acne.

What are the causes of acne

The causes of acne are many, among these we have hormonal imbalances such as puberty and pregnancy; It also appears after bacterial causes, specifically concerning a bacterium called Propionibacterium Acnes, which lives on our skin and that at the moment when the pore is obstructed is multiplied to bring the acne outcomes. We can also say that all the anxieties and tensions that we have in the course of our lives lead to an excessive work of the adrenal glands, which produce a high quantity of sebum and therefore the appearance of acne. Very often this can also be the cause of a wrong diet also given by an intolerance, so it is useful to reduce the consumption of all those foods that are too seasoned that strain the liver. It should be noted that sometimes acne does not present itself as an end-to-itself disorder, sometimes it may present itself for other undiagnosed disorders, so it is always advisable to consult a doctor to avoid any inappropriate “do-it-yourself” therapy.

Treatment of pimples with slime-based cream for acne

The problems for adolescents are endless: this is the age where not only the body changes and transforms, the first loves are met and the first “madness” are made, but it is the period in which the first problems arise and arise as acne, pimples and makeup.
You will ask me, surely, what does the makeup with acne have to do with it, two “objects” certainly antipodal and diametrically opposed, but approached by the undersigned with full knowledge of the facts.
I created this oxymoron, not only because generally makeup is the best way for teenagers to cover up and hide this annoying and unsightly problem, as from today their removal from the face is possible thanks to MyAnisha ™ acne gel.

The snail extract for acne, an effective solution for both the pimples but also ideal for facial cleansing

Bava di lumaca per acneThis gel obtained from the processing of a particular type of snail, called Helix aspersa muller, is excellent both for treating acne and as a make-up remover. A solution therefore, not only cosmetic, but also dermatological and this thanks to the active agents of which this gel is composed: not only aloe vera, note its bacteriostatic action, hyaluronic acid, excellent moisturizing, and Coenzyme Q10, perfect against the action of free radicals, but precisely because its foundation has its roots in this extract of which I spoke before. Obtained from these small snails in an ecological way, as well as eco-friendly and stress-free for this delicious mollusk, the extract or “burr” is rich in elements, such as mucopolysaccharides, which make it effective against acne and all its imperfections , thus acting against the scars, the blushes and the dilated poles, bringing the skin back to its natural balance, making it shiny, elastic, but above all hydrated.
In addition, MyAnisha ™ acne gel will help you make room in your bathroom: you will not need more tonics or cleanser to remove make-up, but she will take care of it.
So, in addition to being a good product for more than one problem, adopting this gel also means keeping order in the bathroom without filling it with lots of bottles and vials: so even the mothers thank!
Now let’s move on to the practice: how is this gel used?
MyAnisha ™, a serious Italian company, has decided to wink with young people with this product not only to make them finally free from the slavery of makeup and acne, but giving them a product that is also simple and quick to use. Do not you believe it? Well, then I’ll explain right away how this works!

How to use MyAnisha ™ Acne Skin Gel

The first thing to do is to pour on a cotton wool pad, but also a make-up remover pad, just the right amount of product; after doing this, just pass the cotton on the face and apply the gel, gently massage for a few moments (in the case of makeup until it has disappeared) so that this acts and then apply a moisturizer, preferably always the same line belonging to the same manufacturer.
So, have you seen how simple it is to use MyAnisha ™ acne?
Now you guys have no more excuses: try this wonderful product effective against pimples and let your little problems “slip” away.

Advice on how to avoid or prevent acne

We say that many times the appearance of acne is something that we can neither foresee nor avoid, but it is always possible to prevent the appearance or at least to ensure that it does not present itself in a serious way. For example it is recommended to exercise to help the circulation of the skin, at the end clean it well so the sweat clogs the pores. When cleansing your face at least twice a day, use mild soaps, and cleansing should not be excessive because excessive rubbing can lead to excessive pimples. It is useful to use products not containing oils and lanolin and it is recommended to respect the expiration of the product you are using. Another mistake that can be avoided that many commit by simple laziness is not to remove make-up before going to sleep, since makeup does not allow the skin to breathe. It is always advisable to protect the skin from the sun’s rays and avoid exposing the skin to the sun during the central hours since any sunburn can make acne worse. As we already know to prevent this inflammation, you have to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, so you have to maintain a regular diet and avoid those foods like sugar, alcohol and fried foods. All this just listed is appropriate to run it so that the acne does not show up or if it advances to prevent all those scars that releases once the boils have disappeared. In fact, one of the most obvious damages that it releases are just this sort of scar, even if we have to clarify that it is immediately taken care of that it is difficult to release this sign. Not always, however, it is so, many times as we know, releases these memories that it is recommended to treat with glycolic acid based creams and based on snail slime.

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