MyAnisha ™ body cream, is a perfect cream for dry and dehydrated skin that will take care of the skin of your whole body.

Like the Face Cream, MyAnisha ™ Body Cream will help you fight the signs of passing time, but instead of acting only on the face, this will be an elixir of eternal youth for the whole skin of your body; thanks to the synergy of its components, the Body Cream will not only restore elasticity and brightness to your skin, but will help you fight those small imperfections such as stretch marks, small scars, scald marks, thus giving a skin hydrated, smooth and finally free from those impurities that for most people represent a real discomfort.

All these benefits are possible because the body cream in addition to containing the extract of Helix aspersa muller, contains other important and effective components:

  • Aloe vera: it is a plant well known by everyone thanks to its beneficial properties, bacteriostatic, detoxifying and cicatrizing given by the synergy of its complex organic components.
  • Acido Ialuronico: this type of acid, already present in the skin so as to give it naturally elasticity, is an excellent moisturizer so much to be used as a skin moisturizer; applied on the face this creates a protective film that makes the skin smooth, while its micro-particles penetrate the dermis giving new turgor to the tissues.
  • Coenzima Q10: this coenzyme is an excellent anti-age as it counteracts the action of free radicals, thus carrying out an antioxidant action.

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