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MyAnisha ™ Face Cream, with 80% concentration of Snail Extract, it’s a real “Cosmetic Factory”: it will take care of the skin of your face, also protecting the eye contour. It is a formula characterized by a high concentration of slime of 80% slug, indicated above all for dry and dehydrated skin. The MyAnisha ™ Face Cream, in addition to giving back elasticity and brightness to your skin, will help you fight the signs of aging like wrinkles, stretch marks or those annoying spots that are naturally formed on the skin. The cream is contained in an airless container or a bottle that allows you to use a precise quantity of the product and guarantees greater safety and hygiene.

Cosmetic Action

Face cream with a high concentration of snail secretion. Indicated especially for dry and deeply dehydrated skin. Its main function is to restore wellbeing and eye contour protection. In synergy with the other active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera gel, snail slime can be considered a real “cosmetic factory” just think of the cicatrizing action towards which the surgeons have also focused their eyes and aesthetic dermatologists for treatment after surgery due to its nourishing, exfoliating and nourishing action. The daily use of the cream also protects the face from external agents including the sun.

How to use it

You must wash your face thoroughly and dry it thoroughly. After that, put a minimum amount of cream on the fingertips of the fingers and using circular movements should be spread over the entire face. This procedure must be repeated every time the cream is applied for a few minutes as it keeps the skin toned and smooth and optimizes the effects of the absorption of the cream. It is considered appropriate to apply the cream in the morning and in the evening so that the skin will have a hydrated and compact appearance. In addition to the cream we recommend the use of our MyAnisha ™ LUX serum with a high concentration of Snail Secretion equal to 90% for a greater nourishing effect.

Snail Extract Production

The snail secretion that is found in our products is produced in Italy, in a unique and uncontaminated environment, precisely in the Lucano Apennines. The extraction of the secretion, is carried out in a totally natural way and above all without damaging the snails that will be introduced immediately in the breeding without suffering damage or stress.
All of our products bear the “Cruelty-free” mark which means that the product has not been tested on animals.

The 80% MyAnisha ™ Face Cream is Dermatologically Tested.
The whole MyAnisha ™ line is free of: parabens, petrolatum, silicones, formaldehyde and its derivatives
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