The Snail Cream for stretch marks

Stretch marks: how to treat them with snail slime Stretch marks are a real aesthetic problem, both for women and for men who suffer from them. MyAnisha ™ offers a snail slime cream for the body not only to relieve white stretch marks, but also to treat red, more visible and deep stretch marks. Stretch marks: how they are formed and how to take care of them Before treating stretch marks, taking care of them, we must understand why they Read More

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The Properties of Snail Slime

The snail slime, the natural anti-age secret Following numerous studies and in-depth investigations, it has been revealed that mucilysaccharides contained in Helix aspersa snail secretion allow a good and evident regeneration of tissues, in different cases of deterioration or damage to the skin, such as wounds or abrasions as well as ensuring an important anti-aging effect. What are the properties of the Snail Slime? After several researches, it emerges that the small snails are small animals with numerous effective properties Read More