Allantoin in the snail slime ideal for scars

Allantoin in the snail slime ideal for scars

Scars: how they are formed and how to treat them

The scars can be present on the body for the most different reasons, but all have a common element: these are the result of an epidermal and cutaneous trauma, even if not indifferent.
Our body is made to regenerate when it is injured, but this causes the thickened part to concentrate on thickening the skin due to the concentration of platelets and natural healing agents. Hence the anti-aesthetic effect of an inhomogeneous skin both in color and in form.
The MyAnisha snail slime cream, thanks to the high content of allantoin (a valuable constituent of snail slime) is the perfect product for the treatment of scars: in fact, you will notice a marked improvement since the first applications, just thanks to the properties contained in the snail slime.
The affected area will immediately be clearer and softer, and with time the cream will also make the scar thinner.
If you have scars on your face, it is advisable to apply the MyAnisha ™ snail slime cream which, thanks to its properties, twice a day, massaging the treated area to facilitate scar absorption; instead, if you have particularly deep scars on the body, we recommend using the cream with a high concentration of snail slime.

MyAnsiha ™ snail slime cream against scars

cicatrice su spallaA common problem is a little bit of all the scars and their reduction, especially if there are scars on the face and in any case clearly visible.
Who of us does not have some small scar? Like a simple chicken pox scar or burn scar?
Small domestic accidents, surgical interventions, actions carried out too lightly lead each of us to have a “own private collection”, which we often try to hide because they are all too visible and therefore anti-aesthetic.
MyAnsiha ™ snail slime cream is an excellent treatment for scars and to alleviate their presence, thus creating a healing effect both on the face and on the body.

Act gently on scars thanks to the snail slime cream

It is really complex choose a cream that alleviate the redness of scars and their appearance so anti-aesthetic , because the market offers many alternatives, not always as valid as you think.
MyAnsiha ™ cosmetic line products are perfect for treating scars not only for their natural components rich in allantoin contained in snail slime, but also because all creams, such as serums and masks, are free of those substances harmful to the skin and that, in this case, would worsen. In fact, all MyAnsiha ™ products are free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum and other chemicals harmful to the body, thus acting in a natural and gentle way on the epidermis.
Applying cream or MyAnisha serum on the body means going to enrich the skin with elements already naturally present, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Coenzyme Q10, responsible for the elasticity, brightness and tone of the skin, as well as ensuring an effective exfoliating action that promotes the cell phone exchange.
If the scars to be treated are beautiful red, it is advisable to use MyAnsiha ™ cream with a concentration of 80%, which will lighten the area from the first applications.