Prevent wrinkles with snail slime

Prevent wrinkles with snail slime

Snail slime: the perfect anti-wrinkle

Today the world of cosmetics offers us different products to fight and prevent wrinkles and the signs of passing time, but if we look for something really effective, we find it in the MyAnisha ™ snail slime cream.

What is and how the snail secretion acts

This particular substance, commonly called “burr”, is obtained from a specific type of snail, the Helix aspersa Muller, which MyAnisha ™ extracts in a natural and totally painless way for the animals concerned, so that all the products have the certificate “Cruelty Free “.
The burr is naturally rich in Allantoin, a molecule that naturally stimulates the production of Elastin which makes the skin smooth, elastic and firm; moreover, the Collagen gives new turgidity to the epidermis, making the face appear fresh and young; finally, the other nutrients contained in the mucopolysaccharides of the burr, constantly work on wrinkles visibly reducing them.
The MyAnisha cream, moreover, is enriched with other substances that we know very well and that are fundamental in this “battle”, as:

  • Coenzyme Q10: which fights free radicals with its anti-oxidant action.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: which gives a deep hydration and elasticity to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: for its many antibacterial and soothing functions.

Prevent wrinkles with MyAnisha ™ snail slime products

BAva di lumaca effetto anti rughe











I prodotti cosmetici MyAnisha ™ not only serve to combat wrinkles and all those anti-aesthetic signs given by the aging process of the skin, but also to prevent them, thus carrying out a preventive action, sometimes much more effective than a “curative”.
All this is given precisely by the substances that not only make up MyAnisha ™ cream, but also all those that enrich it; as we have already seen, in fact, substances such as Collagen or Elastin are naturally present in the epidermis of the face, but naturally with the advancing years, these are less. The task of the cream, therefore, is not only to act on the wrinkles already present, but to stimulate the body to produce certain molecules so that this prevention takes place, made even more effective by its action against epidermal dehydration.
MyAnisha ™ cream, thanks to its natural active ingredients, guarantees a deep hydration of the skin; in fact, if this is not the case, the face appears dull, opaque and more inclined to show not only wrinkles, but also those anti-aesthetic wrinkles and folds that are naturally formed on the face.
MyAnisha ™ cream is an excellent remedy to prevent wrinkles, and all this is possible thanks to its deep moisturizing action, already visible from the first applications, with remarkable results if used consistently in the medium to long term; the skin will return to be smooth and bright, but above all protected from all dangerous external agents such as UV rays, pollution or simply the stress given by the change of season.

Some advice on using MyAnisha ™ products

Crema viso anti-rughe
Face Cream High concentration with 80% of Snail Slime

MyAnisha ™ cream is an excellent anti-wrinkle and for best results, it is recommended to apply it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.
In areas of the face more subject to the action of aging, then with deeper and more evident wrinkles, it is advisable to use the MyAnisha ™ face cream with a high concentration of 80% burr, combined with one of the two available sera: Face serum o Lux face serum with snail slime.
This treatment will guarantee immediate relief, but above all it will immediately enter into your daily beauty routine thanks to its ease of use.
Finally, MyAnisha ™ cream is also recommended for men, thanks to its discreet and delicate fragrance.