Solar Erythema: natural remedies with aloe vera and snail slime

Solar Erythema: natural remedies with aloe vera and snail slime

How to treat sunburn with the cream based on Snail Slime and Aloe MyAnisha ™

The summer is definitely the best time to recharge the batteries and enjoy a moment of relaxation after a long period of work and stress, also due to the lack of the beautiful days that winter brings with it.
For the desire for relaxation, you are exposed to the sun without any protection for the skin, without the use of protections, risking to cause the first sunburn and sunburn.
Among the best natural sunburn remedies we find aloe vera, ideal for combating these small and temporary solar rashes contained in our MyAnisha ™ snail slime base cream.

Sunburn: what happens to the skin?

The corneal tissue is one of the layers that make up the epidermis, precisely the thinnest and the most external, consequently the most exposed to the action of sunlight and in particular to UV rays, the most harmful.
Being the thinnest, the corneal tissue is the most sensitive and when this is hit by a direct and warm light, like that of the sun, without any protection, annoying irritations of different entities are formed: it starts with a slight redness, until to get to more aggressive and painful outbursts.

Solar erythema, how to cure it

spalle bruciate dal soleThanks to the presence of natural minerals, vitamins and protein, the MyAnisha ™ cream will give relief from the pain caused by sunburn, also stimulating the regeneration of the skin. In addition, glycolic acid will help to blur the skin, moisturizing it thoroughly.
In fact, hydration is essential in the treatment of sunburn and sunburn, and the products of the My Anisha cosmetic line make this action even more effective thanks to the addition of Hyaluronic Acid, Co-enzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera.
We recommend using MyAnisha ™ body cream based on snail slime twice a day; if the problem is more serious, it is advisable to apply the cream with an 80% concentration. The effect will be immediate: the redness and itching, in fact, will disappear from the first applications.
Remember that all MyAnisha ™ products are free of silicones, para-goods and petrolatum, which make them so safe and usable by everyone.

Preventing a sunburn, using MyAnisha ™ cream

It is useful to use the protective summer cream for sunburn, but without forgetting that the sun is there all year round, even in cold seasons.
MyAnisha ™ cosmetics are born to protect the skin, and for this reason it is good to apply them even when the sun seems harmless: these will work as “natural protective shields”, which will limit the negative effects of sunlight.
After all it is better to prevent than to cure.